Friday, August 19, 2011

My Spider Guy

For those of you who are paying attention, I posted a pic of this little guy yesterday. I been watching him for awhile now. I think he's been there for quite some time. I just think it's so beautiful. I love the red, white, and black colors that adorn the outer exterior of the little creature.

We had a hard rain on last evening and I remember wondering was he okay out there in what seemed to be a mini storm for a little bit. I came out this morning and looked in the tree without being surprised; he was gone. After I sat for a bit I looked up and there he was again under my carport. Rebuilding his nest. I was glad to see it had survived and had started to get it's life back on track.

He was out there just working away and it made me think: What would you do if you lost everything in a moments notice. Washed away. Gone. Where would you go? How would you rebuild?

Unlike the spider we have the ability, resources, and knowledge to build another nest. A just in case something happens place. Shameful the spider does not come equip with this.

I hope you guys are building. There are some great resources here to get started. Lots of ways to start building a passive residual income for no money. If you are working on a primary business, this is a great funnel. Very easy conversion.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

If You Build It...

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI was looking at the blog today and realized I had not made a post in awhile. I figred I better do one. I have been working very slowly on the blog; getting it up to par. I'm just about where I want it to start anyway. I have so many ideas I get overwhelmed with all the things I wanna teach and share with you guys. It's going to be fun. I am so exciting about what I have visualized for us all. We are about to make some serious money. While the getting is good. If you haven't joined any of the programs yet, stop delaying. You are leaving money on the table for things you already do. It doesn't make any sense to leave it there. anybody listening. how, income increasing stand point then you have done yourself justice. It's time we stopped kidding around and payed attention to what's really going on here.

If you haven't looked into things from a wanting to learn, income increasing stand point then you have ignored the a very important piece of this puzzle.

I hope so much yall like what I am creating for you. Make sure to stay tuned. You won't be sorry that you did. If you are looking to grow and income with no out of pocket expenses from the comforts of your home, you haved come to the write community.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy and Grateful

I have something I can share that makes me happy. I am having fun learning how to blog. I actually enjoyed putting my pages together. It was a challenge for me to press through to finish it, but I have to say I am proud of the finished product. There is certainly more to come. Now that I have done this part. I know I can go on the the next step. Sharing my information. I am proud of me.

I Must Be Outta My Mind...

There's a fairly familiar referral site. That pays rather well. It's called One ZipNadaZilch (zip-nada-zilch). It's a referral site. There's that four letter word again, lol. It's just something about referrals that people seem to despise. I gained my first referral last month! I mean I earned the bonus once. I was so excited to see my paypal account credited. To me, that's an accomplishment. Most folks won't see something through long enough to see if it works. This is why people don't do referral programs. There is a lack of people that will give the program a hardy try to say this or that is what happened.

System work if you work them. I can't be any more plain that this. It does work. Just work it!

Below I posted a print screen of my first payment! Go me!!

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It's Goin On In Dah Lot!

Two few years ago I joined my Lot. I didn't really do anything with it. I didn't see any value in wasting my time for a few pennies. It wasn't until one day it hit me as I walked home from the bus stop. I often found pennies along the way. Dropped on me like a ton of bricks. That's what referrals are like. You don't get 40 referrals in one day as soon as you start out. It starts with one relationship at a time. Most my Lot users are intelligent. We know how to make informed decisions on something that makes sense. Shoot! Most of us are seeking something else to supplement the income. My Lot has so much to offer. There are some who have funny senses of humor. Different people and places all over the globe. Variety. It's flavorful. The discussions there can become intense. It's like one big family who has learned to be polite to each other.

The best part about using my Lot isn't how many pennies you can make. It's more about you many friends you earn. I interact with my friends. I make sure to respond in value to their topics. Especially if I find them funny or interesting. Things I care not to discuss or have nothing to say on, I delete them from my inbox.

My Lot let's you know when someone has responded to one of your topics. That's money baby!! My inbox is full of discussions I can sift through and give a valued written response to. I love to write. Valuable. Paid based on participation. The more you write. The more you can earn. There are several ways to earn on my Lot. If you don't mind talking about conversations and rating them, then you won't mind earning these pennies over here on my Lot. They sure do ad up. I posted a print screen below of my earnings after I took a serious look at my Lot and started seeing the value in it.

I noticed how the more I wrote the more I earned. I'd been testing myself to see if I could make it to $2 in one day. I won't say it was easy, I got involved. I read posts and responded with value. Not just merely concerned with earning the few pennies for posts.

You get starred after you reach a rating of 100. I was so proud when I got mine. I set a goal to get it and I did. You don't earn anything when friends or other my lotters respond. This is participation. You only earn on what you write so make it good!

Scroll down to see my earnings statement. I had to push it down to fit the whole thing on the page for you to see.

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